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Turns out that the feature is live, but Facebook hasn't done much yet to make it easy to find ou...

Turns out that the feature is live, but Facebook hasn't done much yet to make it easy to find out how to enable video chat. Actually, the formal name is Facebook Video Calling, as far as I can tell. The first thing you'll need is a video camera on your computer that's hooked up. Go through the setup instruction and at the end you will be having facebook video call enabled.

Getting Started Guide

  • Click on an Online Friend's Chat Window (select an available friend)

  • Now you will be able to see video calling icon on the chat window. simply click on the video icon.

  • Now your Ready to setup the video calling. you can now click on setup on the popup message

  • Now you can see an application downloading (Im using chrome and it downloads on the left bottom corner. Safari, firefox and internet explorer may be different)

  • Run the application you have downloaded. it will start downloading the file

  • Thats it you have done. your ready for voice chat on facebook. 

But make sure that there is a web cam for your friend and for yourself and your friend responds to your request. Simply select a friend and click on video chat icon.

Update- 10-07-2011
I can see the video calling with my facebook pages. But, i tried with my friends account and its not working. I couldnt find the reason. Anyway, Just wanna say that it wont work for some of you. Dont worry, just try clearing history and cookies, if its not working even after that, just try with another computer where it works. Otherwise, You have to wait...

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