Pod Single-Seat Urban Vehicle For Urban Mobility

Pod single-seat urban vehicle is Designed by  Angel Sánchez Vargas  which is not just ordinary trans...

Pod single-seat urban vehicle is Designed by Angel Sánchez Vargas which is not just ordinary transportation, it offers a system that tries to solve the problems of urban mobility. The system is based in a fixed rental contract where the user has the right to use the automobile in certain hours according to what is established in the contract. These vehicles are available in recharge centers where they can be picked up. It is focused to people (being students, professionals, etc.) that require to move in certain hours to specific places.
Pod single-seat urban vehicle is a compact vehicle operated through electric engines on each wheel. The battery area and trunk are located behind the seat. The design is simple and aerodynamic reducing the energy consumption. The big wheels and suspension system ensures the user to have a relaxed and soft ride


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