Smartphone-Booklet by Ilshat Garipov

Desginer  Ilshat Garipov has designed this awesome futuristic Smartphone-Booklet. This is such a ve...

Desginer Ilshat Garipov has designed this awesome futuristic Smartphone-Booklet. This is such a versatile disposable smartphone in form of a booklet made of smart material. The whole idea based on this future material - cheap compacted mix that includes a base (something like cardboard), and the “smart” nanoparticles that can uniting in various combinations to create computing power, microphones, speakers, displays and etc.

Booklet can be various lengths and computational volume. You can detach the sheets and each sheet will be a full-featured smartphone with a 100% visualizing surface and computational power reduced in proportion to the total volume of the booklet.

Usage scenarios:
1. You can buy various volume of the booklet (or various power and memory capacity)
2. Each sheet can contain its own task or program 
3. You can share data files, or give part of the booklet to a friend. Assign a function of one sheet (player, memory card, business card, TV, portfolio, etc.) аnd detach it. 
4. Material properties can be changed on demand throughout the area or local.  For example – detach a sheet, choose a property of stickiness on the one side and stick it to your ear. Now it’s handsfree. Press on the corner – a sheet will no longer sticky and fell off.
5. Worn booklet can be safely disposed. This material is biodegradable. All information, music, video, photos, an image of your smartphone, stored on a cloud server and is easily installed on the newly acquired blank booklet (which, incidentally should be very cheap).
6. Chat
7. Ebook 
8. Map 
Assumed that the material is powered by vibration in your pocket or from the sun, and from any source of energy, up to the body heat.


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