Seamless Flexible Display Concept: i-phone Ace Joker

We have here are two concepts from designer Sang Kyu RYU shown at naver . The concepts are reinterpr...

We have here are two concepts from designer Sang Kyu RYU shown at naver. The concepts are reinterpreted in one flexible display through the ipod- design. One is 'Iphone-Ace', the slider- type smartphone concept design and the other one is 'Iphone-joker', the folder-type smartphone concept design within the outside flexible display. It is equal to existing smartphone except just one flexible display part and it can be transformed.Both Models having Amoled flexible display is made of Graphene and good Thermal Conductivity.
Solar panel attached to amoled felxible display, can be convertible electric power from heat Supplied.This is effective 30% electricity savings and compares favorably with usual display. So it can be used usually half of one flexible display and extended lineless double size flexible display if necessary. This felxible display smartphone concepts make it possible to have good solution such as run time, heat radiation, economical cost, ergonomic product, battery problem, multi- touch, optical stability, seamless technology, and user- convenience. The Case body of outside folder-type concept is made of aluminum and have a function as a cooling fan.


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