Angoria Cooking Stove Concept

Angoria Cooking Stove Concept designed by Ana Marta . A new fabric surface to cook food brings an un...

Angoria Cooking Stove Concept designed by Ana Marta. A new fabric surface to cook food brings an unusual interaction with the user in your meals. It allows cooking and heating directly into a tissue, without any extra kitchenware. Just add your favourite spices et voilá! Graphene, recognized by its micrometric dimension, resistance, thermal conductivity and ability of sun power absortion, was selected as the material to generate temperature.
 PTFE, commercially known as Teflon®, bears high temperatures, has a high index of liquid and grass impermeability and it is used as non-stick material in direct contact with food, especially in frying pans, becoming an ideal choice.

With a visually pleasing texture, the trendy felt bears high temperatures and insulates energy produced by graphene, in the direction of food only. Besides that, it has a great liquid absorption capability that allows latent heat process, conducting the gradual energy loss to cool the content without any complex circuit. This means that, for an instance, when you plunge Angoria into water with a refrigerant can inside it, and then exposing it to sun, the vaporization allows the inner temperature to drop and cool the can. The project is named after this biomimetic process, inspired in a watermelon.


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