Creative Hand-build 'iXoost' Dock for iPhone/iPad

This master piece of handmade iOS dock is build in Italy by iXoost . According to the designer, iXoo...

This master piece of handmade iOS dock is build in Italy by iXoost. According to the designer, iXoost dock is the first hand-build audio system for iPhone/ipad. iXoost base out of a solid block of aluminium, with parts such as the exhaust manifold turned and milled using five-axis machines, making this object unique also in terms of the way it’s put together. The docks are colorful, finished with high-quality leather coupled with the exhaust manifolds to create fantastic combinations which are a pleasure for the heart as much as for the eye. Listen to your music through extremely innovative loudspeakers featuring a 140W active sub-woofer. Its exceptional sound quality and fine acoustic detail provides this dock station with an unequaled listening experience.
The docks are available in V8, V10 and V12 models. The V8 and V10 have the same specs: two 28mm tweeters, two 25mm midrange cone drivers, one 100mm subwoofer and one 200mm subwoofer. The top of the line V12 adds an additional tweeter, midrange driver and 100mm subwoofer. The iXoost website doesn’t list prices for the docks, but you can be sure they’re expensive. [Source]


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