40+ Creative Beautiful and Modern Wall Clocks

While more and more smart watches and modern stuff are being released, clocks don’t get the same l...

While more and more smart watches and modern stuff are being released, clocks don’t get the same level of attention anymore. Thats why we need to have a clock that is unique from other. Addition to our wall clock collections, this time we have a huge collection of beautiful, creative, unique and modern wall clocks that actually you can buy. You can buy any of these clocks by clicking on the respective link given below. Enjoy!
Karlsson Wall Clock Little Big Time Mini [Buy $17.02]

Catena wall clock [Buy $2564.00]

Wood Wall Clock [Buy $87.00]

'Funky Pasta' Arti & Mestieri Clock [Buy]

Kikkerland Early Bird Wall Clock [Buy $13.11]

Rustic wood wall clock - recycled old barrel [Buy $65.00]

Outnumbered IV Modern Wall Clock [Buy $68.00]

DCI Matte Black Powder Coated Metal Mathematics Blackboard Pop Quiz Clock [Buy $21.90]

Objectify Fruity Wall Clocks [Buy $24.00]

Abstract Wall Art with Clock [Buy $199.00]

Kikkerland Big Wheel Revolving Wall Clock [Buy $76.48]

Shattered Metal Wall Clock I [Buy $56.00]

Ashton Sutton Wooden and Glass Musical Clef Shaped Wall Clock [Buy $48.49]

Vinyl wall clock - girl [Buy $36.82]

Karlsson Wall Clock Mixed Spider Multi Color Steel Chrome [Buy $44.99]

Moustache Modern Wall Clock - Bamboo [Buy $29.90]

Karlsson Wall Clock 6-12 Aluminum [Buy $29.69]

New York Modern Wall Clock [Buy $39.99]

Whatever Wall Clock [Buy $19.70]

Wall Clock Buzzer - Bamboo [Buy $54.90]

Rustic Wooden Wall Clock [Buy $35.00]

LexMod Silver Starburst Wall Clock Retro Modern [Buy $35.00]

Hand Carved Wood Wall Clock [Buy $200.67]

Umbra Burst Wall Clock [Buy $25.00]

Vintage CASIO Micro Keyboard 1980s Upcycled wall Clock [Buy $73.92]

Ink Splatter Clock [Buy $59.00]

BMW Logo wall clock [Buy $9.49]

Princess International BC-330 Vintage Bicycle Clock [Buy $28.00]

Wall clock in slate [Buy $125.00]

Present Time Wall Clock Silverware [Buy $39.31]

Sweep IV Modern Wall Clock (Plain Metal) [Buy $46.00]

Karlsson Wall Clock Falling Numbers [Buy $41.27]

Leaning Desk Clock IV (Rusted) [Buy $38.00]

Golden Motorcycle Clock [Buy $9.99]

Koziol Silk Wall Clock Red [Buy $69.00]

Modern BRITISH QUEEN Wall Clock in Black [Buy $49.95]

Coffee Tea Cup Wall Clock [Buy $19.99]

Facebook Wood Icon Wall Clock (Social media icons) [Buy $30.00]

Butterfly Time Fly Wall Clock [Buy $29.99]

Retro TV Screen Test Wall Clock [Buy $30.00]

Birds and Bird House Wall clock [Buy $46.99]

Happy Black Cat Wall and Table Clock [Buy $30.00]

Mercedes Wall Clock - Forest Green Hubcap [Buy $44.99]

Frying Fry Pan Egg Omelet [$19.90 Buy]


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  1. The pan egg omelet one and the cat one are awesome. So many eclectic ones. Not many cuckoo clocks on here though? They are so detailed out that I thought I would see some on here. There's a ton of top notch "authentic" companies that "own" the cuckoo clock world every year (this is a list of the top clocks http://www.bavarianclockworks.com/blog/cuckoo-clock-of-the-year-winners-complete-list/). So many unique takes on wall clocks these days - it's insane!


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