Expensive Recycled Metal Characters

Thailand based company  kreatworks creates and sells creative metal sculptures from recycled metal...

Thailand based company kreatworks creates and sells creative metal sculptures from recycled metal parts. Most of the designs include recycled metal and the Steampunk. Other than designing small characters and creatures, they are also making awesome giant sculptures which are exactly looks like the characters you have recently seen in your favorite movie. These sculptures reminding us some of famous movie characters such as Ghost Rider, Hell Boy, Pirates of the Caribbean and even Wall-E. You can also buy these items directly from etsy by clicking the respective link. 

Robot Cop [$6,400.00]
Skull Rider [$14,400.00]
Bloodlust Hunter [$7,400.00]
Metal Pirate [$7,400.00]
Junk Collector Robot [$2,800.00]
Brutal Hunter [$7,400.00]
Horror Monster [$7,400.00]
Hellboy Demon [$7,400.00]
Giant Dragon [$11,500.00]
Swordman [$7,400.00]
Captain Statue [$3,100.00]


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