Tree Houses of Korowai Tribe

There is a small society of people called 'Korowai Tribe' live in Papua-New Guinea, Indones...

There is a small society of people called 'Korowai Tribe' live in Papua-New Guinea, Indonesia. These people live in the houses build on the trees which is ranging in height from 6 to 12 meters, but some are as high as 35 meters above the ground. Mostly the houses build on single tree and some of them build on several trees. Further, when amusingplanet explained "To build a tree house, a sturdy Banyan tree is selected to function as the central pole. The top of the tree is then removed. The floor frame, made of branches, is constructed first and then covered with sago palm. The walls and roof is made with the same leaves the frame of the house consists of branches fastened with rattan bindings. The flooring must be quite strong as the tree houses often accommodate as many as a dozen people. A dry tree trunk with notches is hung from the bottom of the tree house in order to get up to the house. This ladder shakes with each step and warns the inhabitants that a visitor is on his way up."

For More info Source: amusingplanet

Other Sources: Wikipedia, PACE, Photos: George Steinmetz


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