Fashionable Confucius Sofa

Confucius sofa is designed by  Alexander Nettesheim for  Bretz . Confucius combines opposites. Straight pad elements are arranged in obli...

Confucius sofa is designed by Alexander Nettesheim for Bretz. Confucius combines opposites. Straight pad elements are arranged in oblique angles to each other and form a seat architectural sculpture. In order to keep through the gaps and crevices, each cushion element stands on its own, every element is designed individually in terms of material, color and pattern. This fashionable, elegant and classic sofa is equipped Confucius in the seat and backrest with a pocket spring. Thus each body is optimally supported and soft, even after prolonged lounging around. The fine indentations enhance this effect and ensure complete relaxation of body and soul.


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