Temporary Fire Shelter

Fire Shelter is a personal project designed by Danish based firm Shjworks . The idea emerged from a...

Fire Shelter is a personal project designed by Danish based firm Shjworks. The idea emerged from a fascination of the place located at Sydhavnstippen in Copenhagen. The Temporary Fire shelter takes inspiration from architecture of ethnic and nomadic people. The shelter consists of one shape stretching for the sky, one hole in the top and two openings at the bottom. Plywood and polycarbonate is the main materials and all the different parts are fabricated using CNC technology. It is 4, 7 m tall and has a diameter at ground level at 3, 8 m. The 2-9 mm thick walls consist of thin and bendable shells which are tightened together with bolts and a piece of 2 mm thick polycarbonate. The bottom of the shelter is made of plywood and inside is a fire place surrounded by a bench which is filled with building materials found on the site. This ballast secures the shelter to the ground without any kind of digging for a foundation. The upper part of the shelter is in white transparent polycarbonate. The transparent ability allows daylight during the day, and after dusk the light from the fire will shine through the polycarbonate. This way the shelter brings back memories of old times lighthouses.


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