Feb 27, 2013

Rinspeed MicroMAX Networked Electric Vehicle Concept

Rinspeed and Harman officially released the all new microMAX EV vehicle concept. This 12 feet length vehicle is designed to work on an electric motor platform which boasts a peak output of 28 kW, with technology that provides up-to 100km of driving range. All microMAX EVs are connected to the swam which can dynamically modify the route according to the current traffic and allow easy access to navigation functions in real time. The cloud connected interactive system displays the destination, route, speed and occupancy of all vehicles and creates a flexible and efficient transportation system. This vehicle features comfortable near-standing position seats, specially developed custom made unique seat belt system, coffee maker and refrigerator. The vehicle also incorporates an special app which gives all the transportation options. Even thought the vehicle is designed for family and office transport, the size, space and the design is clearly catching the eye of taxi operators and parcel delivery firms.

Source: designboomgizmag 

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