Chill Puck - Keeps Your Beverage Colder for Longer

Designer Curt Peters invented the ' Chill Puck ' is an ice pack molded and attached to a be...

Designer Curt Peters invented the 'Chill Puck' is an ice pack molded and attached to a beverage with a Chill Band to keep your beverages colder for longer. Chill Puck is the next generation ice pack and is ready to get under your drink. As an ice pack, in a cooler, as a coaster or in a koozie, Chill Puck is your favorite drinking buddy that you can’t leave home without. The Chill Band creates a tight suction allowing you to take the combo on the move and always be chilling. This mold maximizes the amount of surface area connecting the freezing cold ice pack and the can, actually chilling your beverage while you drink! Attach the Chill Puck to the can with a patented Chill Band and take it with you wherever you go. Rock the Bands on your wrist and keep an extra puck in the freezer where they're always on deck for your next drink. Seeks funding at kickstarter.


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