Infinity Cell Kinetic Charger

Ideation Designs LLC 's Infinity Cell is a micro kinetic charger that is designed to continuous...

Ideation Designs LLC's Infinity Cell is a micro kinetic charger that is designed to continuously provide power to your smart phone as you move it. Infinity Cell is an ultra miniaturized, high efficiency, kinetic charger which harnesses energy from movement! It uses kinetic energy to generate electricity and delivers it straight to your smart phone. Infinity Cell has the internal magnetic components are neutrally buoyant within the generator cavity to take advantage of any small or large motion, converting it into usable electrical energy. 
Ideation uses a special technology with a nickel/ copper foil to dampen any magnetic field that Infinity Cell omits. Infinity Cell's electrical design is capable of taking the varying voltage and current output which fluctuates between 2V and 12V and converts it to steady 5V at 200 to 500mA. Infinity Cell delivers enough power to increase IPhone 4S battery life approximately 20% with 30 minutes of motion by outputting a steady 5V at 200 to 500mA. As we work with Infinity Cell we look at different ways for Infinity Cell to generate more power more efficiently. Seeks funding at kickstarter.


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