Bemoove Lightweight Trike Concept

Bemoove is a futuristic urban vehicle designed by Andrea Filogonio . This trike is lightweight, mod...

Bemoove is a futuristic urban vehicle designed by Andrea Filogonio. This trike is lightweight, modern in design and ideal for city. The ultra-lightweight frame of the trike’s base is carbon fiber, but the real innovation is the inflatable cab that offers safety, shock absorption, & total panoramic views to passengers. The main steering device is the spherical rubber-Kevlar back wheel, moved by electric engines in any XY-plane direction. Controlled torque is applied to the support-case of this wheel to make the two main frame arms free to swing and accommodate curves and uneven ground. Traction is provided by four rubber-Kevlar tape-shaped tires which rotate independently forward or backward on their guides thanks to four electric motors positioned in the main frame, so as to maximize traction as well as turning radius. 

[Via - yankodesigncoroflot]


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