Super-Sleek Motorcycles of Ian Barry

American industrial designer, artist, and motorcycle engineer Ian Barry fascinates motorsport ent...

American industrial designer, artist, and motorcycle engineer Ian Barry fascinates motorsport enthusiasts with his super-sleek, monster mechanics fused with exquisite artistry and workmanship. After collecting motorcycle engines of famed British beauties, Barry designs and manufactures each entire vehicle from scratch. Now team is working on ten unique motorcycle designs and we have shared four of them. Barry spent over 1,000 hours laboriously constructing the framework for the motorcycle around the refurbished vintage engine, manufacturing many of the new mechanical parts and details himself. Have a look!
The Black

952 Vincent Black Shadow engine, acrylic, 7075 + 6061 T6 aluminum, Avon tires, Borrani 21″ WM1 wheel, Borrani 20″ WM2 wheel, brass, 954 bronze alloy, copper, cloth, enamel, epoxy, glass, leather, light-emitting diodes, nickel, pyrex, rubber, silver, stainless mesh, stainless steel, steel, springs, titanium, white gold leaf. 33 x 30 x 80 inches

The White
Acrylic, 7075 + 6061 T6 aluminum, brass, cloth, chromally, copper, enamel, epoxy, glass, light-emitting diodes, leather, magnesium, nickel, pyrex, rubber, silver, springs, stainless mesh, stainless steel, steel, titanium, 1967 Works 'Squish head' Velocette Venom Thruxton engine, GP Carburettors, Avon Venom tires, 21” WM1 Avon, 19” WM2 Borrani. 33 x 40 x 73 inches

The Bullet
Modified 1950 Triumph Thunderbird engine, aluminum, Amal concentric carburetors, Avon tires, brass, brass buckle, bronze, cloth, copper, Dunlop steel wheels, enamel, epoxy, glass, nickel, leather, Rolls Royce Silver Ghost light, rubber, screws, Smiths revulator, stainless steel, steel.

The Kestrel
9De-unitized 1970 Triumph Bonneville engine, modified alternator, aluminum, Borrani WM1 wheel, Borrani WM2 wheel, brass, brass mesh, bronze, BSA A-10 transmission, cloth, copper, glass, gold leaf, Firestone tire, GP carburetors, iron, leather, leather rope, Loctite, nickel, paint, palladium leaf, rubber, safety wire, stainless steel, steel, Suzuki GS550 clutch, tape, Triumph generator cap, Venom Avon tire. 36 x 24 x 82 1/2 inches 

     [via: kohngallery & designboom]


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