TEO - Smartphone Controlled Padlock

Your buddy Mike may need to get into your shed to borrow your lawn mower just once and you're ...

Your buddy Mike may need to get into your shed to borrow your lawn mower just once and you're at the game, so you can't be there to unlock the shed for him. What do you gonna do? So, we need a better solution than the average padlock with key. TEO is the first key-less padlock that you can unlock, lock, access and share with the 'TEO' app on your Bluetooth enabled device. TEO lets you send permissions to a number of different people to open and close your various padlocks and they can have different levels of access. Now, with your smartphone, you can send Mike permission to unlock the shed. Your smartphone or other Bluetooth enabled device IS the key. With just a touch of the TEO app on your smartphone, TEO unlocks. Touch the app again. It's locked. All your keys on one app on your phone. Project by OckCorp at kickstarter.

"Your employee Amanda is showing your clients four properties around town. But you have 20 properties and the keys all look the same. With TEO, you can give Amanda access to those four properties for an hour, for a day or for a week - right from your desk. She can have access one time or all the time. Giving you more time to get more clients. Now that's taking care of business!"

"You run a big company. You have hundreds of employees. Staff turnover is to be expected, that's just part of your day. So when Josh, one of your employees with access to your company's padlocks leaves your employ, with your Bluetooth enabled device featuring the TEO app, you are the locksmith and can enable, or in Josh's case, disable lock privileges electronically. TEO just became the most valuable member of your team!"


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