Another Top 10 Most Annoying Alarm Clocks

When it comes to alarm clocks, their job is to get you out of bed. Here are 10 alarm clocks that get you out of bed in a very annoying fashi...

When it comes to alarm clocks, their job is to get you out of bed. Here are 10 alarm clocks that get you out of bed in a very annoying fashion.

10. Sfera alarm clock

sfera alarm clock

The Sfera alarm clock hangs from the ceiling above your bed. When the alarmgoes off, you can reach up and touch it to activate the snooze function causing it retract towards the ceiling. When snooze goes off again, you have to reach higher to activate the snooze again. Each time you activate the snooze function the alarm retracts a little higher to the point that you get your butt out of bed.

9. Puzzle Alarm Clock

Puzzle Alarm Clock
The Puzzle Alarm wakes you up by firing three puzzle pieces up in the air, then it is your mission to get the pieces and put them back in the alarm clock or it won’t turn off until then. Price:$30

8. Nooby

The interactive alarm clock with a unique personality goes by the name, Nooby. To see what time the alarm is set you simply ask him and he reads the current alarm setting and assures you it’ll go off. When your favorite time of the morning comes around, he’ll beep and say, “Rise and shine, it’s time to get up!”.
When you go back to sleep and don’t turn the alarm off right away, he’ll beep again, but this time he gets nasty, “Take your fingers out of your ears!”. To put an end to this harassing wake up call, you simply ring the clock’s blue neck. If he senses that you are angry, he’ll get grumpy and ignore you.Price:$29.95

7. ClearSounds Wake & Shake Alarm Clock

ClearSounds Wake & Shake Alarm Clock
ClearSounds Wake & Shake alarm clock features a choice of loud tones, a flashing strobe, or vibrating pad to alert you when the alarm signals or as an added bonus, when the phone rings!
Tone control offers 95 dB ring level volume intensity. Flashing strobe light breaks through sleep to wake you up. Vibrating pad can be positioned under your pillow or mattress for a sturdy nudge out of bed.
Price: $59.95
If 95 dB is not loud enough for you (a jackhammer is about 100 decibels). This 113 dB alarm clock should do the trick.

6. Laser Target Alarm Clock

Laser Target Alarm Clock
A laser beam aimed at the exact center of the target is the only way to turn off the alarm sound in the morning. When the laser hits the target the alarm is turned off for 24 hours and goes off at the same time the next day. The alarm will always do this until manually de-activated or the alarm time changes. When you wake up to an alarm and you have to concentrate to carefully aim the laser beam at the target, you’ll be suitably awake so as not to easily fall back asleep.

5. Kuku Alarm Clock

kuku alarm clock
The Kuku Alarm Clock greets you every morning by crowing and laying eggs. It won’t stop chirping until you’ve returned its eggs.

4. The Drill Sergeant Alarm Clock

The Drill Sergeant Alarm Clock
After a bugle plays “Reveille,” your personal drill sergeant clears the cobwebs from your brain with an inspiring round of orders you can’t fail to obey. LCD display provides you with time, alarm time, and date. Alarm with snooze button sounds with bugle, drill sergeant, or AM/FM radio (when you’re off duty, of course).

3. Flying Alarm Clock

Flying Alarm Clock
The blowfly alarm clock escapes from a cage in your room, moves and produces sound around you when the alarm goes off. To turn it off you have to catch it and put it back in its home. A similar alarm is available at Amazon for $25

2. Sonic Grenade Alarm

sonic alarm
The Sonic Alarm will wake pretty well anything up. Simply pull the pin, yell an emphatic “fire in the hole” and lob the grenade into the sleeper’s room. After ten seconds a very annoying and piercingly loud noise (there are three volume settings) will blast out from the alarm. That’s not all however, what makes this especially great is that to stop the alarm the sleeper has to find you so you can put the pin back in. Price:$19

1. Clocky

When you hit Clocky’s snooze button, he will roll off of the nightstand, fall to the floor, and run around the room, searching for a place to hide. When the alarmsounds again, you have to get out of bed to find it and turn it off. He finds a new spot everyday, “kind of like a hide-and-seek game”.Video of Clocky in action.


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