Cool Laptop Bags, Sleeves, and Cases

If you are looking for a creative way to carry your laptop/notebook, this collection of cool   laptop bags, sleeves, and cases   should g...

If you are looking for a creative way to carry your laptop/notebook, this collection of cool laptop bags, sleeves, and cases should give you some ideas.

MacTruck - Hard Aluminum Notebook Case

The MacTruck closely envelopes your notebook with an ultra-tough 5052-H32 Aluminum alloy shell that’s rugged enough to drive a truck over! MacTruck is also designed to protect your notebook while you use it. [link]

My Documents Laptop Sleeve

The “My Documents” laptop sleeve is big enough to snugly house your laptop, up to 15.4 inches, inside. The inner fleece lining keeps everything shiny and scratch-free. [link]

KRINK Laptop Sleeve

KRINK Laptop Sleeve features complete notebook protection, premium form-fitting polyurethane construction, poly-satin interior lining, and 3mm cushioned interior. [link]

Laptop Wallet

This “laptopwallet” is designed to hold the laptop really snug. The slim design keeps your macbook safe and enables you to carry it easy, either using the wrist-strap, in your hands or in a bag without being bulky! [link]

High Voltage Laptop Bag

The army-green laptop bag is the perfect thing to carry around your laptop and other electron-pushing gear.
With a padded sleeve on the inside to protect your laptop, there’s also a ton of room inside the main compartment. You could stash a change of clothes, and extra pair of shoes, and and a toiletries kit if you were so inclined. It’s also roomy enough inside to serve as a bike messenger bag. [link]

BUILT Laptop Backpacks

Made from lightweight neoprene and breathable air mesh, our new ultra-slim backpack streamlines the transport of your laptop and accessories. The main compartment accommodates and protects laptops from 12–17″ with room to spare for books, folders or other essentials. [link]

Redmaloo Laptop Sleeve

These laptop sleeves fold securely around your laptop, hugging it and keeping it warm. The laptop sleeve is one layer of colorful, high-quality felt that folds around your laptop for transportation. Unfolded, it functions as a workstation with an integrated mousepad. [link]

T-Shirt Laptop Case

iShirt - t-shirt laptop case with three compartments, plus a pocket for the power brick. Keeps the dirt off your shiny white laptop and confuses potential thieves. [link]

Slim Laptop Sleeve

The Slim Sleeve offers complete notebook coverage with form-fitting construction and plush interior cushioning. Whether used as a stand-alone case or inside a bag, the Slim Sleeve provides excellent protection in a clean, durable design. [link]

Corrugated Cardboard Laptop Case

Sturdy, stylish, and completely sustainable, the cardboard lining the front of Miller’s tree-loving creation is 100% recycled, and the unique fluting gives its wearer the option to personalize it with custom designs such as one’s initials (or an apple logo — as shown here). [link]

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