Creative and Unique Chair Designs

Collection of unusual chairs and weird chair designs that will make a great addition to any modern home.

Fiberglass Chair

Limited edition fiberglass chair by Vladimir Kagan and Ralph Pucci. [link]


Modern chair by Ivo Otasevic is designed to look like the letter ‘a’. [link]

Ivy Chair

Stylish chair by h220430 design studio is covered in white leaves. [link]

Air Chair

Inspired by the concepts of lightness, weightlessness and comfort. [link]

Bamboo Chair

Elegant chair is composed of rounded box-shaped bamboo frames. [link]

Zip-Up Chair

Unique chair designed by Kim In-bo can be transformed into a stool. [link]

Gaudi Chair

The surface is made from carbon fiber and the ribs are made of glass-filled nylon, fused together by selective laser sintering. [link]

Secret Club House Chair

Unusual chair by talented Danish design student Martin Vallin. [link]

Ferrari Chair

GTB chair is perfect for the die hard fans of Ferrari sports cars. [link]

Snake Chair

Stylish chair designed by Roberto Lazzeroni. [link]

Cloth Chair

Comfortable chair manufactured from extremely soft fabric. [link]

Infinity Chairs

Cool chairs made from steel sections seamlessly linked together. [link]

Rope Chair

Unique chair design created by Tom Price from melted blue rope. [link]

NEMO Chair

Beautiful chair designed by the Italian architect Fabio Novembre. [link]

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