Daniel Strom’s Luxury Watches with Skulls

New collection of luxury watches from Daniel Strom is titled “Memento Mori, Capre Diem” meaning “remember you will die, so seize the day”. These luxury watches decorated by skulls are made from various materials by your choice: sterling silver, palladium, redgold, platinum, diamonds. Also it’s availiable to made it from any material to match your taste. Inner case of the watch made from from stainless steel. The dial with Roman numerals and polished steel-hands is availiable in black or bone white. The whole set is completed with an anti-glare double curved sapphire crystal, alligator hornback strap finished with a buckle, done in silver 925, gold, palladium or platinum. This variety of models allows to have big variety of prices: from $8,272 to $57,896.

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