How to hack Facebook Password?

Hacking Facebook Account Password: Facebook Phishing for Hacking Facebook

Facebook has evolved into one of the hottest social networking website in the world. Here is a simple tutorial that you can use to hack your friend's facebook password. Here i'm writting on hacking Facebbok password using Facebook Phisher.

In the field of computer security, phishing is the criminally fraudulent process of attempting to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and credit card details by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication. Communications purporting to be from popular social web sites, auction sites, online payment processors or IT administrators are commonly used to lure the unsuspecting public.[Read more about phishing on Wikipedia]

Facebook Phisher

Please Note: Phishing is legally offensive. I am not responsible for any action done by you.

Hacking Facebook password:

Phishing is the most commonly used method to hack Facebook. The most widely used technique in phishing is the use of Fake Login Pages, also known as spoofed pages. These fake login pages resemble the original login pages of sites likeYahoo , Gmail, MySpace etc. The victim is fooled to believe the fake facebook page to be the real one and enter his/her password. But once the user attempts to login through these pages, his/her facebook login details are stolen away. I recommend the use of Phishing to hack facebook account since it is the easiest one.

1. First of all download
Facebook Phisher

2. The downloaded file contains:

  • Index.html
  • write.php
3. Upload both files to any of these free webhost sites:

4. Now, send this phisher link (index.html link) to your victim and make him login to his Facebook account using your sent Phisher.

5. Once he logs in to his Facebook account using Phisher, all his typed Facebook id and password is stored in "passes.txt". This file is created in your webhost control panel as shown.

If you dont get passes.txt, try refreshing your page.Once you get passes.txt, you get Facebook password and can easily use it for hacking Facebook account.

6. Now, open passes.txt to get hacked Facebook id and password as shown.

Hope this tutorial was useful for you.
Learn How to Get Back Your Hacked Facebook Account
Previously i've been posting how to hack Facebook account using Phishing or Keylogging. These two methods for hacking facebook are very effectively and easy to understand, you don't have to have any additional knowledge to implement them to hack facebook account. That's the reason why these days so many people are falling victims to the hackers, because today anyone with a bit knowledge of computers and programming can be a hacker. Еspecially if you are a newbie and don't know what you're doing, its very easy to get trapped by hackers. So here i will show you some things that can be done to get your Hacked FaceBook Account Back.

How to Get Back Hacked Facebook Account

1. First of all you can try resetting your account password on facebook. But this could help only in rare cases, because most hackers are intelligent and they surely will have changed the default email address. But if some body have accidentally (though the chances are extremely narrow) logged into your account and has changed only the password of your facebook account, this might help you in recovering your account password and gain access to your compromised account.

2. But things get much more worse when the hacker changes the email address in your FaceBook Account. You’ll no longer be able to reset the account password and gain access to the account.

But there is a way.

FaceBook provides a contact page for you to help you to in recovering the hacked account .

Inside the contact Form You need to Fill in the Following Details Correctly.

Full name on the account:

Enter the Full Name as you have given in Your FaceBook Account.

Network(s) the account belongs to:

Enter the names of the networks you have joined. Include as many as possible.

Email addresses that may be affiliated with the account:

This is the email address you used as username to login to facebook.

Your contact email address:

Enter a email address you can be contacted by facebook. They will contact you regarding this issue.

URL (web address link) of the profile page:

Give the link to your facebook profile address.

Description and steps to reproduce the issue:

Provide as much as information in here regarding how your facebook account was hacked etc. It is recommended to include the time and date when you were able to access your account for the last time.

3. Tthe best way to prevent this is to make a new account! Thats the easiest way, but you loose a bunch of stuff.

If you dont want to go the easy way you can:

1. Change FB security question
2. Change email password
3. Change FB Password
4. Change email security question.

The hacker can use one account to go to another and eventually get more and more information that can steal info. (credit, idenity, etc.)


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