Intelligence E-Key provides ultra High security

The ubiquitous key has been a part of our daily lives from time immemorial. Keys have been used to lock doors, to lock criminals, and to safeguard valuables. It is believed that the ancient Greek architect Theodore, who resided on the island Samos, invented the key.
Keys have not only opened their respective locks, they are also a symbol of power and a part of our culture and mythology. The most popular mention of the key is perhaps in the story of Saint Peter, the first Pope, when he was handed the Keys of Heaven by Jesus. Keys are inexpensive, practical, and offer easy, though not always secure, access to your property or valuables.
The chiseled pieces of steel can also be a handful. You could have a key for your house, another for your car, a third for your office cabin, a fourth for your bank locker… and so on and so forth. If you manage to lose one of your flattened metal keys, it is nothing less than a nightmare. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could have just one key to unlock your life; one singular piece for your home, office, car, bank and other things.
Italian designer Chiara Ripalti, probably fed up with handling a bunch of multiple keys, decided to design a master key. The design is nowhere similar to the current key designs. The E-Key (as it is called) is a square device, not bigger than your thumb. The square key is made up of a customized cover, an LED indicator, and a fingerprint cup.
The design is based on the principle that every individual has a distinct set of fingerprints. This makes the E-Key infinitely more secure than its present day version. Not only is it more secure, it is easier to use than its steel cousin.
Remember all the jammed lockers, doorknobs, and car doors. There could be nothing more frustrating than a lock that will not open with a key that’s meant to unlock it. With the E-Key, all jammed locks are history.
When you place your finger on the finger cup groove, a USB plug will jut out from the key. Insert the extended plug into your lock; the LED indicator on the key will light up and the door will swing open.
No one else can use the key as it is customized to match your fingerprint. The E-Key can be used as a master key that will work at your home, office, car, and bank locker.

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