ORA Watch Measures Time...Literally

Just when you thought you've seen all the watches imaginable....think again! Greek designer  Alexandros Stasinopoulos has decided th...

Just when you thought you've seen all the watches imaginable....think again! Greek designer Alexandros Stasinopoulos has decided that there needs to be a new and revolutionary way for us to tell the time. Hence he decided to create the Ora watch concept, a study on the field of haute horlogerie. It focuses on the display of time by replacing the expected dial arrangement found in the vast majority of the mechanical watches with a set of three interwoven tapes – one to indicate the hour(s), one to indicate the minute(s), and one to indicate the day.
Haute Horlogerie basically means that the “Ora” is designed with superior craftsmanship, technicity and originality to transcend every other segment of watch on the market regardless of brand, status or price. It focuses on the intricacy and prestige of fine watch making and embraces complexity and diversity on materials and methods used to deliver the time correctly.
Although this is just a concept and there's no word yet on whether you'll be able to hunt it down in stores anytime soon but it's certainly interesting..something people are either going to love or hate. Personally, it will take some time to get used to and I would rather stick to the conventional watches instead of having to look twice to make sure I read the time correctly. Just call me old-fashioned. Below are some other designs Stasinopoulos conjured up.

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