The ultimate collection of spy Gadgets that actually exist in the real world!

Spy gadget is a gadget which is used to stealthily keep an eye on someone. These kind of gadgets don’t generally come in the minds of the p...

Spy gadget is a gadget which is used to stealthily keep an eye on someone. These kind of gadgets don’t generally come in the minds of the public. These Gadgets are so designed that nobody can know that he or she is being spied upon. There are many gadgets which fall in the category of Spy Gadgets. Some people think that Spy gadgets are hypothetical, but do these spy gadgets really exist and are these technologies available to the general public? Yes, they exist and are available for you.
Here we present before you an ultimate collection of Spy Gadgets that actually exist in the real world. So, the next time you do something wrong just keep in mind and hope you’re not being spied.

1. Video Surveillance
1.1 Peephole Reverser

A peephole reverser, also known as a tactical door viewer, lets you assess potential hazards behind closed doors. You simply place it over the peephole in the door and you can look into the dwelling without alerting anyone inside. Use this to assess any potential threats or activity before proceeding with your mission.

1.2 Hidden Screw Camera
WIRELESS VIDEO CAMERA hidden inside this screw. Really. A surveillance camera like this could be hidden in dozens of places, in almost any location, and if well placed, no one would EVER suspect.
1.3 Camera in Pen and Sunglasses
Fully functioning and normal looking pen with completely inconspicuous built in wireless mini spy camera. It may be used for fun or for some serious spying, just whip out the pen, twist the cap to start the wireless transmission and you can view and record everything that your spy camera pen sees. This is a seriously fun spy gadget, with many practical and not so practical uses.
SunglassesDVR Camera is the newest and most advanced spy camera with built in Video Recorder in the world. Unlike other device of this type, This sunglasses records everything you see and hear, without connecting to MP4 or other Recording source.
1.4 Wrist Watch camera
These video cameras and vice recorder are more of the type that James Bond might use for covert surveillance. Because of arm motion, thewatch might be more useful to leave sitting on a shelf or desk.
1.5 Baseball Cap Camera
This class of hidden camera can be worn on your body while you’re conducting surveillance and your target won’t know they’re being watched. They use wireless signals to transmit live video up to 700 feet. And yes, there is actually a video camera hidden in this baseball cap.
1.6 Wireless Covert Cigarette Pack
This is also a video cameras and vice recorder are more of the type that James Bond might use. This Cigarette camera would look natural sitting in front of you on a table at an outdoor cafe.
1.7 Compact Binoculars
These optics fit into your pocket, and are much smaller and lighter than regular binoculars. Most models give you a clear and bright image with an objective diameter of 25mm and a maximum resolution of 10x power.
1.8 Tie Camera
Pinhole camera discreetly hidden in a tie – virtually impossible to detect with the naked eye and our extremely impressive DV5 colour digital video recorder/monitor so small that it will fit into a cigarette pack and is remote controlled.
1.9 Flexible fiber cameras
Flexible cable cameras are designed to provide tactical teams with a means to covertly monitor a crime scene. The small video camera can be inserted under most doors or through a small opening in a wall. The camera is easily attached to a pole to give tactical teams a view of a room from a safe distance prior to entry. Slide it under doors, slide it into cracks, or holes and see a clear image inside other rooms.
1.10 Night Vision Security Equipment
Night vision goggles and security cameras allow you to see in near total darkness. They use an image intensifier to convert weak light from the visible and near-infrared spectrum to visible light. Most night vision goggles display a green image, because the peak sensitivity of human color vision is around 530 nm.
2. Audio Surveillance

2.1 Watch voice recorder / MP3 player
If you are an active news blogger or citizen journalist. And want to keep an audio record of those important private meetings for later review. Then here is the answer – a timepiece that will allow you to record interviews, meetings, and on the scene discussions without intimidating anyone.
2.2 Disguised Microphones
These hidden microphones tend to use a wire, which runs to a concealed tape recorder. Wireless versions are available, but people who go for wireless usually spring for an audio / video combo. This is available with the pen and clip to wear in tie.
2.3 Digital voice recorder
This voice recorder stores more data of digital audio, and can also connect to cell phones to record phone calls. It has an alarm clock, and can be set to record conversations at predefined times. It can also function as an MP3/wma music player and as a USB hard drive.
2.4 Mini Wireless Earpiece
This tiny wireless ear phone fits completely into your ear canal, and is perfect for discreet communications. It works with a small transmitter that can sit in your pocket or be worn on your body.
2.5 Sonic Nausea
Sonic Nausea is a small electronic device which generates a unique combination of ultra-high frequency sound waves which soon leads to most in its vicinity to queasiness. It can also cause headaches, intense irritation, sweating, imbalance, nausea, or even vomiting. A larger version of this can provide serious substantial capability to disrupt and disperse crowds and gatherings.
2.6 Pen Voice Recorders
Spy Pen Digital Voice Recorder w/ Audio Player and recorder. Plug & Play USB Interface; With great Stereo Sound and Built-in Microphone this spy pen recorder has an extensive long Recording time.
3. Phone Equipment

3.1 Telephone voice changer
This voice changer is compatible on all telephones. Simply strap the acoustic coupler to your telephone’s mouthpiece, adjust the selector switch and your voice is immediately disguised.
3.2 Telephone tone decoder
This device will listen to dialed phone tones and display the numbers on the screen. With its built-in microphone, no connection is required from source. Just play your pre-recorded tape recording or other audio source and the dialed numbers appear instantly on the LCD display.
3.3 Phone Recorders
This digital telephone recorder has a time/date stamp for each call, and includes a universal cell, digital, hotel, pay phone, recording interface. The recorder automatically turns on when telephone receiver is lifted, and turns off when hung up. It also has a USB interface for file transfers to the computer.
4. Computer Surveillance Equipment

4.1 Face recognition PC access
FaceCode is a biometric program that gives you complete control over all secure areas of your PC, using a regular web-cam. It will recognise existing PC users and grant them secure access without the need to type in usernames or passwords.
4.2 Keystroke Loggers
Keystroke loggers are hardware keyboard recorders capable of memorizing hundreds of thousands of keys pressed on a PC keyboard. A logger is a small electronic device plugged in between a standard keyboard plug and a computer.


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