Creative Business cards

These business cards are for a New York City-based fashion line called Negativity. This business card was letterpressed in silver and metallic black on beautiful duplex Neenah Paper.

A business card designed for a radio presenter that looks like a microphone.

A great laser cut business card design for a barber or hair dresser. The actual business card pulls out of the sleeve.

A really cool textured wood-grain-look business card for Michael B. Kenyon.

A round business card?! This business card was designed by Kristina Miletieva for a company called Basta. There is a perforated section of the card so that the card can fit in a card holder easily. This card also would work great for a coaster or frisbee.

A business card designed to look like a ‘Hello My Name is’ sticker.

another business card by Stefan Sagmeister of Sagmeister Inc.

The most unique business card that I have ever seen. This business card is for Ken Speckle Gifts, a store to purchase eco-friendly recycled and ethical wonders. Since Ken Speckle Gifts is all about recycling and environmental concerns, craft, and interesting uses for materials, what would be the sense in getting a load of cards made by a company from freshly pulped card? That is why Ken Speckle Gifts decided to create a business card that was eco friendly, stand out, fold up nicely, and say everything about them, in the way that words don’t.

This business card was designed by Mariela Hsu while she was working on a design campaign for Papilles.This business card was printed in Quebec City by Caractéra Production Imprimé.

A cool laser cut business card designed by Antonio Moro. Antonio designed this brand for an italian fashion / art photographer Davide Gasperini. David uses his business card as a stencil on his original photos, like a signature.This business card is printed on white Plike 330gr paper, with a black printed back (0+1). The logo it’s obtained with a laser cut done by Laser Services in Italy and printed by Ge.Graf.

This business card is for a company named Tag in the shape of a tag. Very cool business card.

This is similar to the tags above but these are dog tags for a pet adoption program.

This business card is stretchable.

Bright corner business card

Thomas wood products business card

Elevator business card

JWB Business card

Balloon Business card

Here is a clever idea for a business card.  Instead of giving someone your business card with generic contact information, you are openly inviting someone to “Google me.”  That way they can learn more about exactly what you do and learn more about your personality.  Perhaps we’ll soon see some business cards that will ask someone to Facebook friend you or become a LinkedIn connection. The business card was designed by Ji Lee.

USB attached business card.
Nobody will loose your contact details and nobody will forget you.

Window style Business card

Another charm and attractive Business card design

Letters seems like hand written?

Ordered List Business Card

Stylish business card with one rounded corner and a die cut logo. [link]

Hair Comb Business Card

Unique business card designed for a Rock n Roll themed hair salon. [link]

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