Creative Outdoor Advertising

This post features the most creative and fun  outdoor advertising  campaigns.

This post features the most creative and fun outdoor advertising campaigns.

Hot Wheels Bridge

Giant image of a child was placed on pedestrian bridge in Mexico to make real cars look really tiny. Perfect ad campaign for the toy car brand. [link]

LG Giant Fridge

Large fridge made by LG’s marketing team in Spain. 

Razor Billboard

Memorable outdoor ad for Martor Solingen extremely sharp razors featured sliced in half birds under the billboard. 

Lynx Pocket Billboard

Unforgettable billboard from Lynx reminds you to never miss an opportunity.

Malteser Stretcher

Emergency service in Frankfurt is looking for volunteers.

Subaru Truck

Promotional campaign for Subaru Impreza featured a transporter which carried three upside down Subaru cars.

Google Street View Ad

Street View arrows were placed on roads in Amsterdam. 

Ad on a Plane

VAUDE equipment advertised on the wing of an airplane

Firefox Crop Circle

Oregon State University students made Firefox crop circle

Berger Paint Billboard

Sopranos Taxi Ad

Clever ads on cars were used to promote The Sopranos series on HBO.

Steak Billboard

Innovative steak scented billboard was spotted in North Carolina. [link]

Mondo Pasta Boat Ads

Huge stickers of faces turned ships into giant pasta eaters.

Copenhagen Zoo Snake Bus

This awesome bus advertisement in Denmark reminded everyone that Copenhagen Zoo is the wildest place in town.

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