The ECHO Concept Watch from Tokyoflash: Let Everybody See, You Have Arrived.

What’s your thought on wearing a watch in the times of smart phones’ domination. Checking time? No, definitely not. Then what’s it? Simply put, its a style statement. You would need to pull out your smart phone from pocket before anybody notices it, but with watches, it’s always visible and tells people you have arrived. Get it.
We got one such watch for you today, which will be a perfect companion of yours for a DJ party or Disco night. Welcome the Echo, a concept watch from Tokyoflash that speaks even before you could utter a word. It’s always on with bright LCD display that’s enough to catch the eye of everybody around. And if you thought catching the attention does not do things, what about maintaining it, just try it yourself, can you avoid ECHO’s sight? That luminous display and sophisticated display that will put even the most luxurious watches to shame — when caught in the dark discotheque.
One look at the watch and even a child would know, it’s simply different, and unseen hitherto. Lets talk about the strangely beautiful display it got and the way it tells you — if you ever ask it — whats the time.

As you would notice in the above pic, the time is given at the bottom as 02:49:04 and the clock is exactly displaying this time. Confused with what was meant to be so simple? Here is how.
Seconds Display: The bar that lies outside the fixed big circle on the clock is the seconds bar which completes itself on 60 seconds and then begins again. It will be shortest at 1 second of the minute and will grow with each seconds making full round on the count of 60th second.
Minutes Display: Minutes are displayed by a bar attached just inside to the bar, outside of which is the seconds’ bar. It moves in the multiple of 5 meaning it changes its position when minutes of the hour are in multiple of five. Minutes more than in the multiple are shown by way of number appearing in the middle of the watch.
Hours Display: Notice the circle at the center of the clock inside which displays minutes exceeding multiples of five. The hours bar lies there and move as each hour passes by.

It’s definitely an innovative display that will be as easy as 1-2-3 when you get used to it. Test yourself with remaining pictures and enjoy the article. Notice it changes colors with time. Did we tell you one thing? It’s is still in concepts, so you would find it anywhere on sale, not matter how much mouse clicks you make over it

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