Jet Car: Batmobile for Kids who are Batman Wannabes

I am sure many of you watched the movie “The Dark Knight” and are still in awe of Batman’s car — named as Batmobile — as also the movie itself. If that’s what Batman drives, any guess about a car that a child Batman would love to drove? Right, it’s not in the comic and that Bruce Wayne became Batman only in youth age. And of course, such a kid’s car will surely not feature as much weapons of destruction and intimidation like the Batmobile, but one thing that would find its place prominently, is Speed. Or say, Jet Speed of a Jet Car.
Yes this is what every child who dreams of becoming a Super-Hero would want to ride. It got speed, looks and its menacingly slim and sleek. You can’t ask for more to train a superhero kid. Oh yes, the kid needs to be a big fan of batman only, since most of the superheroes (if not all, except Batman) don’t need a car. Some fly like Super Man or wander like Spider Man or just don’t need it, hello to Flash. Did you know, Android loves flash, while iPhone don’t support him?
The car has been named as Jet Car by Norio Fujikawa, for some reason. It looks like a Formula One like car, albeit rounded and boasts of lesser components. Driver’s seat is positioned at same place where we find Lewis Hamilton packed in in-between four wheels at the corners.

But what strikes the most is the body of the car, which justifies its name. You get to sit inside a mini Jet, to which wheels and other components have been attached. It’s very much like modding a jet to run it on earthly roads. Right? We love mods, be it Computer, Nintendo or PS2. It helps in getting the different tag for the beloved gadget and adds to style and elegance

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