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We have been seeing lots of folding inspired design in our life, for example: folding chair, folding bicycles… But in today’s post, we w...

We have been seeing lots of folding inspired design in our life, for example: folding chair, folding bicycles… But in today’s post, we will present you with some special folding things, which we might not think they are foldable, like keyboard, mouse. Some of them are still concepts, but I am looking forward for the day when they can come true.

1. Folding Plug System [link]
This useful foling system was invented in UK. ‘Folding Plug’ changes the shape form the normal U.K plug into a 10mm thickness object. It is also advantageous when people have to travel aboard. People normally carry up to three electronic devices for their journey, such as a mobile phone, a digital camera or an iPod, However, we usually carry only one universal plug. Whilst multi-plug adapters and USB chargers allow us to use one plug socket for many devices, they are still bulky objects.
The flat properties of the folding plug have inspired the development of a multi-plug adapter that also performs in space-saving ways. By using the folding plug whilst it is folded, ‘Multi Flat Plug’ and ‘USB Charger’ allows for 3 devices to be plugged into the mains, but only inhabiting a little more space than a standard UK plug.

2. Cool Folding Keyboard [link]
Innovative portable keyboard concept, designed by Yoonsang Kim and Eunsung Park, folds up like a traditional folding fan when not in use.
The designers envisioned this Keystick as a personal keyboard you take with you everywhere, never needing to touch any object that’s been touched by others, awkwardly naming their idea the “None Bacteria Project.” Never mind that — if they can give this keyboard deep enough key travel, they might have a hit on their hands

3. Microsoft’s Folding Arc Mouse [link]
Microsoft’s new wireless Arc Mouse folds down to save space during transit, anyone that’s used one of those mini-travel mouse devices will appreciate the full size body. It’s questionable whether the space saving benefits are really necessary but you know you’ll look like the man breaking one out in the airport business lounge.

4. Mobiblu Nanum MP3 Player [link]
Mobiblu’s known for their six-sided Cube MP3 players, but this Nanum is the first one we’ve seen that actually deconstructs from a cube into a cross. We’re not sure what good having a flat cross-shaped MP3 player would be, but these things are seriously tiny. Seriously, it’s so small that we can see someone being able to choke on it.

5. Folding Speaker [link]
USB or battery powered accordion style folding amplified speaker. For computers media players, video games, and more.
The accordion-style design creates a large resonance chamber and makes the sound richer than most other small speakers.

6. Folding Headphones [link]
The XCALGO Headphones come in 7 delicious flavors: Light Brown Black, Sky Blue, Orange, Lime Green, Rose Pink, and Purple.
These amazing headphones will make people around you envious and everyone in the street will want to try them. Not only stylish and fashion, these headphones will provides a nice and natural sound, with deep bass

7. Solar Strap to a folding tab [link]
The SolarStrap is a thin and lightweight solar panel on a wearable badge. It’s made in Finland by Suntrica and weighs about 2 ounces. It’s easy to put the SolarStrap on any bag, backpack or shirt thanks to a folding tab. It stores solar energy in a small battery, than can be used to charge up your cellphone, iPod or any other gadget.

8. Flexy rainbow USB hub [link]
The Flexible Chromatic USB Hub will delight you with bright hues and a flexible design. You can fold and stretch it to your heart’s content, all while you do your USB thing.

9. Kyocera’s flexible, folding phone concept [link]
Kyocera’s EOS folding concept phone incorporates a flexible OLED screen, changing its form factor from a clamshell into something more closely resembling a wallet or clutch-purse. Explains Kyocera industrial designer Susan McKinney:
The concept Eos envisions a future where we have a more humanistic relationship with our phones. Appealing to our haptic senses, a soft, semi-rigid polymer skin surrounds a flexible OLED display. The metaphor of a “living” skin was used for its notions of protection and constant evolution, providing a heightened user experience.

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