Red Bull Motorcycle Concept Has Hit a Bull’s Eye

Creativity is an inborn instinct and can’t be thrust on any person, and by introducing the Red , loud and shiny Bull concept motorcycle ...

Creativity is an inborn instinct and can’t be thrust on any person, and by introducing the Red, loud and shiny Bull concept motorcycle, designer Barrend Massow Hemmes has once again shown his exceptional artistic caliber which must be appreciated by one and all. The designer has revealed that the basic idea behind this creation is inspired by one of  his iconic company logo viz., bull, which had existed only on papers before.  It is with his unique style he was able to incorporate it into a function piece of machinery.

It needs tremendous guts to give life to a raw work in a brilliant way. The main attraction of this Bull concept motorcycle is the way bull horns have been embedded with the wheels, which tremendously look awesome.  The designer it seems has used a fiberglass finish with high gloss polyurethane lacquer on it.

Just imagine, how a person will look like if s/he would ride on it?  It could depict a Spain’s bull fight scene or if Arnold Schwarzenegger using bull concept bike in his film Terminator fighting his enemies. All bike lovers as well as designers are surely going to appreciate this concept and can’t deny that this bike would surely rock in tough races. They would also be wondering of its release in reality.
It can be said that with this creation the designer has surely hit a bull’s eye. Good job!  If you are a bike lover you could appreciate other amazing bike designs like Predator Motorcycle and Snaefell Motorcycle.


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