A Tree that Can Charge Your Phone

Plants have an excellent process to produce clean energy and make their own food. The leaves trap light energy, which they receive from the sun, and convert it into chemical energy. This chemical energy uses water and carbon dioxide (that enters the leaf through the stomata) in a chemical reaction that produces sugar – food for the plant. The by-product of this reaction is oxygen, which is released in the atmosphere.
Plants are able to produce clean energy without disrupting the balance of Earth’s ecosystem, and providing us with an important life support in the form of oxygen.
Human beings are the most advanced species on this planet. However, in spite of all our progress, we have not been able to produce clean energy on a mass scale as the plants do. In fact, the energy produced by photosynthesis is six times more than the power consumption of our entire planet.
With global warming on everyone’s agenda, time has come for us to take steps towards cleaner modes of power consumption. For instance, there are approximately 4.6 billion mobile phone users in the world today. Mobile phones are charged via an electric outlet. Imagine if the 4.6 billion mobile phones could be charged using clean and abundant solar energy; it would drastically reduce our power consumption.
Borrowing from the environmental friendly photosynthetic process, French designer Vivian Muller is in the process of developing a clean energy source to charge mobile devices.

The device has a rectangular, white base on which rests a synthetic bonsai tree. Leaves of the bonsai tree are blue-colored photovoltaic cells that will store solar energy during the day and help you to charge your mobile phone when you return from work.
The bonsai tree charger is a simple device that can be operated by anyone. To charge your phone you have to connect the charging cord to the bonsai tray and allow your phone to charge. The bonsai tray has a removable sheet that can hide the charging cord when not in use.

Apart from being an environmental friendly phone charger, the bonsai tree charger is also an aesthetic piece of design to look at.
The tree consists of shiny, grey colored branches and blue photovoltaic cells that rest on a white bonsai tray.

You could add your own personal touch to the bonsai tree by rearranging it in any shape or design. The bonsai tree is made up of multiple modules that plugged into other. This allows you to design the tree any way you want to.
The concept has been titled PhotonSynthesis, giving due credit to the principle behind this solar powered charger.

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