Unusual and Creative Shoes

Collection of the world’s most creative shoes and unique footwear designs.

Collection of the world’s most creative shoes and unique footwear designs.

Illuminated Shoes

Modern shoes by Francesca Castagnacci come with integrated optical fibre that creates awesome light effects. [link]

Mesh Shoes

Stunning shoes created out of metal wire mesh and black leather. [link]

Heel-Less Shoes

Creative shoes with no heels designed by Chau Har Lee. [link]

Bird Shoes

Pigeon shoes designed by Iris Schieferstein from Germany. [link]

Wooden Sandals

Lightweight summer shoes inspired by traditional Japanese sandals. [link]

Melonia Shoes

World’s first 3D printed shoes by Naim Josefi and Souzan Youssouf. [link]

Elevator Shoes

Innovative robotic shoes are activated by an iPhone app. [link]

Chain Shoes

Unique shoes by Tove Jansson and Per Emanuelsson from Sweden. [link]

Gun Hoofs

Unusual and somewhat disturbing shoes by Iris Schieferstein. [link]

Stationary Shoes

Unique shoes by talented French artist Caroline Sciancalepore. [link]

Sci-Fi Shoes

Stylish platform shoes designed by Gabriella Marina Gonzalez. [link]

Futuristic Shoes

Cool shoes designed by the world renowned architect Zaha Hadid. [link]

Kronier Shoes

Uncomfortable fashion shoes designed by Kronier from Germany. [link]

Skeletal Shoes

Skeletal stilettos are a part of Dsquared2’s 2010 fall collection. [link]

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