HTC 1 Future Phone: Specs and Release Date Unknown

HTC has been known for releasing beautifully designed phones. With this, another fabulous designed mobile phone is set to fascinate us i...

HTC has been known for releasing beautifully designed phones. With this, another fabulous designed mobile phone is set to fascinate us in the future. It is HTC 1 as designed by the great designer who conceptualized the said design especially for HTC named Andrew Kim. The HTC 1 looks so simple but stylish. You will surely love its elegant design which is built with silver-plated brass body and comes with a built-in UV light which can kill germs on its surface as you charge your phone.

Known as HTC 1, the phone was built on the concept of having a single user, who is recruited for a cleaner and a more high- end approach. Looking beyond HTC 1, it seems that the design is very minimalist and that Andrew Kim has removed unnecessary design elements and made even simpler.
Andrew Kim also took time to make some improvement in its Sense UI. He took effort refining the existing widgetmania to a much simple set of icons and notifications. It has the news widget which provides quick access to your news sources and social widget which brings you the latest updates from your social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Flickr.
Ideally the HTC 1 is rumored to come up with a slightly curved touchscreen surface. It makes us think how this unique design will affect its users. The phone seems to be thick which provides ample space for a nice camera.
The HTC 1 is supposed to come with dual speakers located independently for a better experience together with a kickstand making it an ideal media device. With the kickstand, you can stand it upright as well as sideways. It has also a modern alarm clock on it. So with the stand and the alarm clock combine, you can simply transform your phone into an alarm clock.

The HTC 1 is also designed with the idea of creating a harmonized environment between its hardware and software design which is not currently present on most smartphones. And with its silver-plated body one can be assured that it is durable, smooth and has the ability to lasts for a long time.
The HTC 1 is also equipped with an integrated messaging feature that brings SMS, MSN, Facebook and other messaging sources into a single stream which makes messaging easier for its users.
With these features included in HTC 1 and its very elegant yet simple design accompanied by a high quality performance, it looks that the HTC 1 is something to watch out for. Release date has not yet been announced but expected to be around early next year in time to compete with the iPhone 4G.

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