Adam saaks: a perfect instant T-shirt Designer!

I always thought that fashion is not a manly thing but after I saw Adam Saaks ! , I realized that fashion is a good opportunity for us men...

I always thought that fashion is not a manly thing but after I saw Adam Saaks!, I realized that fashion is a good opportunity for us men to show our "creativity".

Creativity and true innovation is such a subjective area, especially in the eyes of those judging it. Adam Saaks has made a name for himself creating couture (the word used loosely) in no more than fifteen minutes with a pair of scissors and knots. His clothing is now worn by Lenny Kravitz, Pink and a host of other rock stars, and he has also now become somewhat of a rock star in the fashion world. He shakes his head when he sees how much people are paying for what he does, when literally he does it at lightning speed. The lesson here is never to think that what you're doing is too simple. Edward De Bono said "It is taking what's difficult and making it simple that is the test of true intelligence".

First, only T-shirts, baseball caps offered bags and accessories. Shoes are not yet there and continue to be sold in the shoe trade. The products in the U.S. tattoo artist Ed Hardy Donald are now the world in fashion retail presence.
It all started in 2002 with T-shirts and baseball caps. Celebrities from all over the world soon found a liking to the motives that originated in the Japanese tattoo aesthetics lie. Meanwhile, not only the fans but also the product range has grown enormously. There are jeans, casual wear, underwear, jewelry, leather jackets, bags, luggage, to energy drinks. Head designer Christian Audigier, in cooperation with the U.S. shoe factory PSDI also brought three shoe labels on the market. In addition to the fashion-oriented line of "Ed Hardy Shoes for men, women and children there are the high-end brand Christian Audigier. The line "Smet" especially the bikers in his sights. The French entertainer Johnny Hallyday, whose birth name is Jean-Philippe Smet, stood godfather here.
Go to shop opening prominence was the interest of the German great. TV stars such as Kim Fisher, Katy Karrenbauer, Martin Semmelrogge, Martin Kesici and singer Lucy from No Angels were there. Highlight of the evening was the scissors artist Adam Saake, the invited guests, Ed Hardy Shirts on the body of the tailor. 

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