7 Ways to Block ads in Google Chrome

Are you using Google Chrome as your default web browser? Are you happy about its working? Well you must be, after all it is a very beautiful...

Are you using Google Chrome as your default web browser? Are you happy about its working? Well you must be, after all it is a very beautifully designed and developed application for web browsing purpose. But many of the chrome users are facing a great hassle as they don't have much ways to block the annoying pop up ads. If you are a regular chrome user, then you must also be facing this problem. Well we have provided as much as seven working ways to block all those irritating ads from being popped up! Lets have a look on them...

1. Use PrivoxyPrivoxy is a web proxy software which helps you in gaining much personalized kind of surfing by restricting the unwanted annoying ads to pop up on their own. Here is the procedure to use it.
  • Download and install Privoxy first.
  • See in the chrome's upper right corner, there is a wrench icon button, click on it.
  • Now drive through Options>Under the hood>Change proxy settings.
  • In the Internet Properties dialog connections tab, click on LAN settings button.
  • Check off "proxy settings" and in the address settings add and in the port 8118.
  • If you have the option, then you can also check off "Bypass proxy for local settings".
  • Click ok and restart Chrome.
  • That's it, you're done.
This one is very fine and working method to stop the annoying ads from being showed on while your browsing. Source for this tip is Lifehacker.

2.) Use AdBlockThis is a very popular extension of Google Chrome web browser which helps in blocking annoying ads from being popped up on their own. You can simply install this extension from the link given above and you would be able to see that you have made yourself free from all those irritating ads. And if you want to subscribe to an additional filter, you can simply go through Wrench>Extensions.

3.) Use ProxomitronA very light weighted GUI application, however its interface is not so much that impresive. But its working and functionality will surely force you to be a fan of this one. This application is made such a way that any kind of advertisement wouldn't be allowed to adversely effect your web browsing or any unfamiliar elements wouldn't be able to harm your system even up to a little mark.

4.) Use AdmuncherA really very light source ad blocker used for multiple browser applications including Google Chrome. This one is really very effective and helps you in keeping all those annoying ads away from yourself and your PC. This application runs on Windows platform.

5.) Use AdThwartLike Ad block, this one is also an extension for Google Chrome Web browser which helps you to make the same task, i.e. to stop the annoying ads over your precious browsing period. Well, however this one is not as much popular as Ad Block is, but that really doesn't mean that it is not a good alternative to Ad Block. Well, try yourself!

6.) Use AdsweepHere comes our second alternative to Ad Block. A really useful extension for you to install as it is very light application but that doesn't mean that its working is not effective. It is one of the most powerful procedures to stop those annoying and irritating ads. You must be trying it out once!

7.) Use BlockerAlthough being an extension of Google Chrome which is used to stop the ads, it can't be termed as an alternative to Ad Block. The reason being the main working of this very useful extension is to block not only ads but also images, elements, and various kinds of flash content too!

These were a few procedures to block all those annoying ads and save your precious time of browsing over the internet. If you think you know any other which is really wonderful, then please help us updating this post by adding that one as a comment below!

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