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There are certain instances or situations wherein we suddenly think about certain songs that would perfectly fit the situation we are in...

There are certain instances or situations wherein we suddenly think about certain songs that would perfectly fit the situation we are in or a certain experience we have. Well, maybe we should really thank technology for bringing us the best portable digital audio players such as the iPod Touch which we can pull out any time, set up and play our favorite music with.
We cannot deny the fact that the iPod Touch has been dominating the market for quite some time. This is the same reason why some dedicated media player manufacturers have been trying to match up the features boasted by Apple’s iPod Touch such as its big touchscreen, Wi-Fi and voluminous App Store. It will be truly an uphill struggle for these media player competitors to eventually find their niche in the market.
This is exactly what Philips is trying to do as it officially announced its upcoming GoGear Connect MP4 Player. The new GoGear Connect MP4 player will be the first to offer a full Android experience to potential users. As mentioned, it will be running with an Android OS, the version was not clearly mentioned, but the 2.1 version is expected. This device also allows full access to the Android market which has more than 100,000 applications available for download. It also comes pre-installed with various Google Mobile applications.

The specs list of the GoGear Connect is quite impressive. It sports a 3.2 inch touchscreen display with WiFi, a microSD card slot, a built-in camera with video recording and comes with a set of sound isolating earphones. Simply looking at this device will tell you that portability will never be an issue since it only measures around 113×12.6×59 mm and a weight of 128 grams.
Aside from the aforementioned features, the GoGear Connect will also include the Philips Full Sound Technology and Surround for movies which will enable you to enjoy a cinematic sound experience wherever you are. In addition to that, it will also include the Philips Songbird software which will enable you to sync with a PC over Bluetooth as well as stream some audio files.

The Philips GoGear Connect MP4 player may not be coming as one of those “iPod killers” but definitely with its impressive specs and features it will take some market shares as it gives its potential users a new way of appreciating their music.
The GoGear Connect will be available in Western Europe, US and China starting October and will be offered at a competitive price of 249 Euros or about $315 for the 16GB version.
See the press release video from IFA 2010 event.

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