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Murmurs about a deal between  Ferrari  and a new watch maker partner have been looming since theirmutual break-up with Panerai. While Ferra...

Murmurs about a deal between Ferrari and a new watch maker partner have been looming since theirmutual break-up with Panerai. While Ferrari has some less expensive watches out there, they need a good high-end timepiece with their name on it. I suppose the question for them was to go classic or wild? Well they went wild. The new deal seems to have been a product of courtship by talented watch designer Jean-Francios Ruchonnet on behalf of Cabestan, one of the brands that he designs watches for. Recent news has confirmed that the deal has been signed, and Ferrari will soon have watches made by the boutique luxury watch brand. Ruchonnet will design the watches - and here is a prototype. 

The new watch, called the Scuderia Ferrari One by Cabestan, is clearly based on a design combination of the new Cabestan Nostromo and the existing Cabestan Winch Vertical Tourbillon. The design has of course been influenced by modern Ferrari design and technology. The middle bridge section is in carbon fiber, and I wouldn't be surprised is the strap is made in materials used for seats and/or steering wheels. Of course, this may be just a prototype images, but Ferrari is likely happy with the look. 

Price for the piece will be 300,000 euros and will be a limited edition of 60 pieces. It will have a tourbillon and does have the very time-consuming-to-produce fusee chain - where each link in the tiny bicycle chain style series of links is made by hand (by master watch maker Eric Coudray). The movement is extremely accurate for a mechanical watch at about plus or minus one second per day. Units of production? Not sure. Is this the idea watch that you want a poster of next to that new sexy Italian super car? Maybe. For those who aren't in the know, the time is told on rotating, vertically aligned barrels. Overall, the watch is certainly cool. It was when it was just a Cabestan, and it will be with the Ferrari name on it. According to Cabestan, the watch will only be available to Ferrari clients. Not sure what that means, but it sounds like it will be sold only by Ferrari, perhaps only to Ferrari automobile customers. 

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