Creative shoes from Designer Zuzana Serbak

S lovak   designer  Zuzana Serbak  is a brand new blood in the fashion industry. Her curriculum vitae reads Shoe Designer freshly graduate...

Slovak designer Zuzana Serbak is a brand new blood in the fashion industry. Her curriculum vitae reads Shoe Designer freshly graduated from the Prague Academy of Arts in Architecture and Design. 

Serbak’s diploma designs are edgy, futuristic, stylish and bold. They are examples of thinking outside the box and looking forward to a collection with no barriers and no restrictions. We always love looking at concept collections because they inspire us. These designs make us excited to see how they can be interpreted to the next step as they have all the necessary elements to attract our attention. They are structural mainly consisting of two materials matrix and reinforcement. 

In their production twill weaved carbon fibre is used to add to this structure and underline the exclusivity of the shoe. This makes the designs bulky and architectural without excluding sexiness and vibrancy. Looking at the items you capture that each piece is unique with a variety in styles. There is the pure simplicity of elegance in the kitten heel bow straps and then the raw volume and weight of the custom made raw silicone reinforced suede high heel with the liquid matrix. There is absolutely nothing repetitive in these designs, making you appreciate the designer’s wide scope of inspiration.

As we truly believe in the newcomers and the freshness of ideas this is exactly what gets us excited. ZuzanaSerbak’s debut is very promising creating designs that make us look into the future with great excitement.

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