Lamborghini Sesto Elemento

When looking at performance and  luxury cars , we often ask ourselves– is there anything cooler than a  Lamborghini ?  The Lamborghini S...

When looking at performance and luxury cars, we often ask ourselves– is there anything cooler than a Lamborghini?  The Lamborghini Sesto Elemento was finally revealed today at the Paris Motor Show, forcing us to revisit why we are just so enthralled by these fine Italian cars.  The sharp, angular and decidedly dangerous design of these cars is about as aggressive… and somehow refined as it gets.  The new Lamborghini Sesto Elemento continues that design sensibility with trademark Lambo styling.  Pop that rear hood, you’ll find a V10 engine pumping 570 horses.  While that number may not pop out at you, consider that the Sesto Elemento is constructed with a whole lot of carbon fiber, keeping the total weight down to 2,200 pounds.  Put it into gear and give it some gas, and you’re at 60 mph in a neck-breaking 2.5 seconds.  Yikes.  We love you, Lamborghini.

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