P.C.O.D – The Future Phone Concept

One small device on your wrist helps do away with the load of carrying multiple devices. It is called the P.C.O.D – Personal Communications ...

One small device on your wrist helps do away with the load of carrying multiple devices. It is called the P.C.O.D – Personal Communications and Organization Device.The P.C.O.D by Karl Thompson is an ultralight device which looks like a phone, but its capability surpasses that of any other mobile phone available today. It is a concept future phone that is loaded with so many features that you may lose count of them. The wonder device brings together devices like camera, storage, mp3 player, GPS, games, time/date/calendar and much, much more.

It has an amazing battery life which supports 24 hours of talk time (with video and stills) and standby time of 500 hours. The rechargeable battery connects and recharges wirelessly. The camera is as good as any other high resolution camera. 10 mega pixels, suitable for low light conditions, anti-shake, and geo-tagging are some of the awesome qualities of the camera. The excellent quality speakers and the provision of a noise canceling microphone make sure of utmost clarity in communication. The P.C.O.D is a ‘sensible’ device which has sensors for both proximity and ambient light. The fact that it is water resistant ensures that water does not play havoc on your valuable device.

With innumerable applications the device would need a huge storage space. No wonder it has been given a whopping 64GB solid state hard disk. On the appearance front, this communicator cum organizer is very sleek and stylish. You could use it with or without the strap, which means you could have it on your wrist or use it like any other handheld phone. The strap comes in various colors and designs. Accordingly you can also change the looks of the phone with a range of changeable screen backgrounds.The interface is a pretty simple one which is also customizable. The time and date are displayed in bold on the right while on the left there are network connection icons. Applications can be selected by scrolling up and down. The two favorite icons are always visible on the screen. On the left hand bottom corner you could either have the keypad buttons or any other preferred button on icon.
It is a futuristic device and has tried to keep together a host of devices and applications people generally wish to use off and on. Along with the usage, it has also tried to give a little care to Mother Nature. Packaging is minimal and that too is 100 percent recycled material. The first step of conceptualizing has been taken. The next would be to bring it into production. Once available it is going to be one among the most desired devices list.

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