Flex Is Our Future Revolutionary Collapsible Tablet Computer

  Designer   René Lee 's   Flex is a revolutionary collapsible tablet computer,  with flexible screen  while still maintaining rigidity....

 Designer  René Lee's Flex is a revolutionary collapsible tablet computer, with flexible screen while still maintaining rigidity. Flex incorporates a 14” 3:4 touch screen in slate mode, with the screen measuring 18.5” wide while completely expanded. You can use Flex according to your own preference, by bending it into a notebook, for content creation or bending it outwards forscreen share session. It encapsulates a flexible spine plus a bendy screen within the frame, which allows the user to translate flex from a slate to several form factors. A loop stand integrated into flex paves way for best content viewing experience. Flex’s flexible spine facilitates efficiency as well as collaboration on a tablet.


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