10 Most important Blogger tricks/ Hacks that every blog must have used

Now Blogger became the most powerful in the internet and most of the famous websites build using Blogger. It is very important to know about...

Now Blogger became the most powerful in the internet and most of the famous websites build using Blogger. It is very important to know about some of the blogger hacks/ tricks to create and maintain an effective blog. I have experienced and used the following tricks and hacks to maintain my blog well. So, im sharing it with you. There are so many blogger hacks and tricks and not everything is relevant to every blog. Depend on the template your using, the blogger hacks and tricks requirement are different. Following tricks are mostly required by almost all the blogs.

1) Remove the blogger Banner/ Slide Bar/ NavBar/ Top Navigation Bar
Its the basic hack for the blogspot blog. When we start using blogger, first thing we have to do is, choosing the proper, suitable template. The next step is to remove the blogger top navigation bar (most of you might have already done).
2) Change the favicon
Normally the blogger default favicon looks like the below image.
You might have seen some of the blogs having different favicon icon as you can see the picture below.
Click any of the following link for the instruction.

3) Include the meta tag and key words
   Innorder to include your blog in the clear search results, search engines will look for the meta tags and key words that you have give, So its very important to include them into your blogger. click the link for instructions

4) Submit your site to search engines
   Its very important to submit your site to search engines if you need to get visitors via the search results. insteaed of submitting to each search engines seperately, you can submit to all the seach engines at one click. follow the link. submit to Alexa page  rank as well. 

5) Create Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon Account for your webpage alone
   Simply create a Facebook fan page and include the like button in your blog. Dont forget to have a Twitter account and share your posts there. Its very important to have a StumbleUpon profile and share your contents. For e.g Our Facebook fan page like button here.

6) Include Related post widgets
   By including the Related post widgets, you can let readers keep reading there interst topic under one roof and they wont leave your page. There are two kind of Related post.
   1) Related post which appears under every post and still visible on the main page under each post
   2) Related post which appears only under every stand alone page and not on the main page.
So, you have to choose which widgets to be used.
Link-1 explains well about it and you can have the above mention options..
7) Use short Article On the main page and read more with Jump text/ page break
   Blogger has got that facility and you can simply make page break by clicking the icon. Dont forget to include an image on the top of the post so that, summary will contain an image as well. Even after the page break, some of us are not satisfied coz, the image shown on the main page is same as the post image size. so, there is another hack to adjust the image size shown on the main page.
Click Here
8) Unlock locked widgets and have more room
   Its very simple trick to unlock the locked widgets. Im gonna show you how to unlock the footer and the below link will show you how to unlock the header part.
Normally blogger layout looks like this

It means you cant add more Gadgets to blocked area. Inorder to unlock the footer part, 
** Go to Edit HTML, ** Click on Expand Widget Templates, ** Search for the term mentioned on the locked widget part [e.g my locked widget is Attribution] now you can see locked='true' somewhere near the search term. Simply Change it to locked='false' . Thats it, now you can move the gadget. After changing the code, My page element looks like this and I have moved another gadget under that area.
9) Include facebook comment
   Since the facebook became a powerful social media, it is really useful for you to include the facebook comment on your blog posts. Every comment gonna appear on their respective profiles and you gonna have more visitors to your site. Click on the link below to get your comments. make sure to find the correct  if you are having more of them.
10) Proper maintanace
    1) Post atleast one post per day
    2) Write about most famous topics in the internet or searches. you can check it here
    3) Keep clean from unwanted images and widgets and make sure that the page loads fast.
    4) give proper lables to each post and provide link to each lable
    5) Provide link to previous posts with the new post. e.g: if your writing about "Creative facebook profile picture ideas", and if your already posted something about profile picture, link it to profile picture. so that it will look like, Creative facebook profile picture ideas.
    6) Dont forget to include share button


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  1. nice news plz my blogspot i cannot c my commant box how to add commant box in my blog.plz tell me anbuthil@gmail.com

  2. Yes Anbuthil, You have enabled facebook comment to your blogspot blog. So, if you want to enable normal comment box, you have to desable facebook comment from your blog. You cant use both together. So, go to "settings" tab under your dashboard, click on "comments" tab, Click on "Show". make sure your changing the option "Comment Form Placement" to "Embedded below post" so it will show the comment box below the post.. happy blogging


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