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CardSharp is a beautiful and ingenious design of a utility knife by Iain Sinclair . Don’t underestimate this knife, it might look like an ...

CardSharp is a beautiful and ingenious design of a utility knife by Iain Sinclair. Don’t underestimate this knife, it might look like an ordinary knife, but in reality this is a supersharp utility knife. It takes only 3 folding operations to turn this card into an elegant utility tool. It’s been designed with extra long stainless steel surgical blade to guarantee longer lasting rust free sharpness. To prevent any injury or blunting, it has built-in protective sheath. This knife is slimmer and lighter compared to your traditional knife, just slip safely inside your wallet or kit bag. It is also a great tool for camping and hunting. [Buy Here]


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  1. Dislike.
    Carrying around weapons is what makes people paranoid to do the same. Its an evil circle, and many paranoid people are much to quick to attack others.
    This is just another excuse to carry a knife. Yeah, it looks cool, but its still a weapon..

  2. Yeah, i agree,But i cant argue against that its a creative design

  3. Its a tool not a weapon. It would be a good tool to carry in a wallet instead of a bulky box cutter or letter opener. Its a tutting implement not a weapon. Its as much of a weapon as a brick. Bricks can be used as a weapon but there purpose is a building material.

  4. It's a fucking weapon, and a dangerous one at that. It is not a tool. Tools are useful, this is another accessory to murder. That is all.

  5. We should ban all guns, knives, and pointy sticks because they could hurt someone! Oh lawdy think of the children. Its obvious that the objects are inherently evil, and no one should be allowed to have one!

    But seriously, I have a cardsharp, and its pretty much a big disappointment. The blade is sharp enough, but the handle material is cheap plastic, and the knife isn't suited to cut anything tougher than a few sheets of paper or some string. I tried to slice an apple with it, and it flexed a scary amount. Its still nice to have it in your wallet incase you need to do some mild cutting work. Just dont forget about it when you go to the airport.

  6. @ Woody

    Its a tool not a weapon. Sharp objects are used for cutting things. Not every sharp object in the world is a weapon. I once got a small cut from a sheet of paper once but I realize that its a piece of paper and not a weapon. Scissors ,hammers,saws,letter openers,ect.... can all hurt or even kill people but that is not what they were designed for. With your logic anything can be a weapon.

  7. Dear lord... Do you people actually listen to yourselves?

    I am a strict pacifist, but it is always a good idea to carry a knife. Why? Because it comes in handy in all sorts of situations.

    If you're going to carry a WEAPON, you're going to carry one that is a little more easily accessible than a collapsible knife that takes several seconds to extract from your wallet and fold out.

    So get over it. If this is a weapon, so are my car keys.


    HAH! Some idiot tried to sneak this through security at the airport.

  9. @Jazanutha, Thanks for the info, I have already checked it. WTH is that. sometime people go crazy.

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