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Do you have a StumbleUpon  profile? You might be having for sure. Yesterday when I open my visitors status, I found a huge different and its...

Do you have a StumbleUpon profile? You might be having for sure. Yesterday when I open my visitors status, I found a huge different and its all from StumbleUpon.  I have been searching for how to decorate the StumbleUpon profile and I got no answers through Google search. I have seen some people has decorated their profile with some pictures and links. I was wondering how to do the same!. Yeah, We have got the solution. You can simply login to StumbleUpon and view our profile here to see the different. Well, its not really a very nice profile, But it really different from normal profile. OK, Now I'm gonna show you how to decorate the profile.

1) Log in to StumbleUpon
2) Visit your profile page. Its USERNAME/
3) Click on Settings (image given below)

4) Click on the Customize profile Tab (image given below)

5) I hope You are already aware about choosing a theme. So, we are directly showing you the decoration issue. So, you can see the About you section. (image given below)

6) As per the above Image, I have Filled the Form with some HTML codes. Thats it. You have to fill it with some HTML codes linking Images and providing links. For those who having HTML knowledge, Its very easy and I dont need to explain further. But for those who dont have the HTML knowledge, I have to explain.

**Before the HTML coding, Make sure that your having Image links and please try to choose the correct image size or upload resized image to desired place so that it can fit to your profile page. (if you dont have an idea about uploading an image, you can simply search Google images and get an image link.)

So, Im gonna give you a simple HTML code with Image and a link. You can add more images and more links if you wish.

<b>I Love to discover the new technology. And Specially, I like to make more friends from different part of the world</b>
<center><img src="" alt="Friends"/></center>
<b>Otherthan StumbleUpon I have got Facebook account too. And I love to make websites <a rel="nofollow" href="">click here</a> to visit ones..</b>

So, for this code, my profile appeared like this..

Thats it. your done. Enjoy... 
I hope, you gonna share decorated profile links here!!!

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