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We have already seen the Smallest in the world . This time we gonna show you a huge collection of largest in the world. Actually there are s...

We have already seen the Smallest in the world. This time we gonna show you a huge collection of largest in the world. Actually there are so much of data can be collected about the largest things in the world. Here we are showing a limited amount of data. Some of them i cant mention the information since the post is so huge. please refer the image links for more info.

Largest Operational Telephone
Largest telephone The world's largest operational telephone was exhibited
on September 16, 1988 to celebrate the 80th birthday of a large insurance company in Apeldoorn, Holland.

Biggest Bicycle in the world
We have already seen the collection of giant bicycle

Tallest Statue in the world (china)

Worlds largest Excavator (Germany)

Biggest shopping mall in the world (china)

Worlds largest Passenger Ship

Largets/ Biggest Bus in the world

Largest Bulls horn in the world
Unfortunately this bull has already left us..

Biggest/ Giant Keyboard
You might have already red the article the giant keyboard

Tallest women in the world
I cant figure out who is tallest among them

Tallest Man In the world

Tallest Building in the world
tallest completed building in the world and is located in Taiwan.
 Looks like Dubai is making the tallest building in the world. Its still under construction.

World's Biggest Mouth
We have talked about this guys before Under Biggest mouth in the world.
But, This guy is having a very big one than the above one. So, we can present out spicytec award to this guy
Biggest Passenger airplane in the world A380 (555 Passengers)
Biggest Cargo airplane in the world  Antonov AN225
Largest cup in the world
Largets t-shirt in the world (Qatar)
Biggest axe in the world [Canada]
World's Largest Fork [springfield, America]
Biggest Skateboard in the world
World's Biggest Violin
World's Biggest Hockey Stick
World's Biggest Turban [India, Ki Haveli Museum]
World's Largest Breast
Largest Cigarette Butt in the world [London]
World's Biggest Motorcycle
World's Biggest Rabbit
World's Largest Hand [Lui hua, China]
World's Longest Fingernails [Lee Redmond]
World's Longest Female Tongue
World's Largest Bottle of Wine [Austria]
World’s Largest Revolver
World's Largest Pencil [Newyork]
 World's Largest Chair [Italy]
World's Largest Birthday Cake
World's Largest Cheese [Dutch]
World’s Largest Beer Cane
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