Johnny Loco Cargo Cruisers are Stylish and Light Weight

Johnny Loco Cargo Cruisers designed by Johnny Loco . These are stylish, modern and eco friendly. These aluminium made cruisers are extremely...

Johnny Loco Cargo Cruisers designed by Johnny Loco. These are stylish, modern and eco friendly. These aluminium made cruisers are extremely light weight and maneuverable. When consider the fuel price and city traffic, these cruisers will help us to carry things and even children easily ans safely. Not just te usage, it is stylish and creative as well. There are three types of Multi Purpose Bike cargo cruisers are shown below. Lets go green!

MBP (Multi Purpose bike)

Dutch Delight

This super light Multi-Purpose-Bike is made of alloy and is standard equipped with a Nexus-7 internal speed hub by Shimano, a steering damper, a canvas seat and Shimano roller brakes. The performances are outstanding, even in the city. This Cargo Cruiser easily cruises along with a full load over bridges, through parks, and past the cars on the street.The rear-end of the frame tilts as you turn.

The Dutch Delight is completely graphite black with brown grips and saddle which gives the bike a classic look. This model will remain in our collection every year as it is a favourite world wide.


Dakota also belongs to MBP and The Dakota gets its name from the light grey paint combined with neon orange saddle and grips, the colours that some DC-3 aircraft (the Dakotas) wore while serving in WW2. An extra set of dark brown grips and saddle is standard included so that the neon touch may be replaced if so desired. And then it is a beautiful retro edition too.
Dutch Delight E-cargo 3sp
This E-bike version of Cargo Cruiser is made of alloy. The electrical engine supports you upto a speed of 20 km/h, and ensures that only 50% of the energy to start up comes from your legs. The compact removable lithium-ion battery is fully charged within 2 hours and has a range of 10-40km (depending on the load and incline). The battery can be removed easily and taken indoors to charge.

The standard version is equipped with hand brakes (Shimano roller brakes), a steering damper, 3-speed internal hub (Shimano Nexus-3) and a canvas bench with two three-point seat belts. 

following accessories can be added to these bikes:
Extra Seat
Rain Cover (Normal)
Rain Cover (Deluxe)


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