Vertical Forest Green buildings by Stefano Boeri

Italian architect stefano boeri of milan-based studio stefano boeri architetti  currently building  two residential towers called  'bosc...

Italian architect stefano boeri of milan-based studio stefano boeri architetti currently building two residential towers called 'bosco verticale' within the metropolitan center of Milan, Italy. The concept of reforestation within the city context intends to minimize the expansion of established urban fabric for additional green spaces while still increasing biodiversity which has been lost during development. the implementation of this project serves as a model for contemporary european cities for linking a building with nature within city limits.

Reaching 110 and 76 meters in height, the four sides of each structure will place over 900 mature trees on display to nearby residents and onlookers. the facades are lined with staggered concrete balconies which will become the planting boxes for the various shrubs, plants and trees. ranging from 3, 6 and 9 meters tall, the species of the selected vegetation have been carefully chosen to withstand the increasing wind forces at successive levels. to place the green spaces on flat land, the necessary amount of land would occupy 10,000 square meters in a natural forest and 50,000 square meters in a residential setting.

Each dwelling will have a personal garden which buffers the interior spaces from acoustic pollution, dust particles, harsh winds and direct sunlight. The leafy canopies will absorb carbon dioxide and breathe oxygen into the homes as well as fresh air. grey water from the building will be filtered and reused for irrigation of the extensive flora while photovoltaic energy systems will contribute to self-sufficiency of the complex.


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