Coffee Machine Design for Peel by HJC Design

A product design and manufacture consultancy based in Yorkshre, UK,  HJC Design  has developed  this visually attractive coffee machine alon...

A product design and manufacture consultancy based in Yorkshre, UK, HJC Design has developed this visually attractive coffee machine along with other designs. This has elegantly crafted surface that resembles a beautiful eye-catching waterfall of rich coffee. The design was inspired by the drop of a flowing coffee. The soft soothing blue light that surrounds the base adds elegant and futuristic touch to this coffee machine design. This glowing LED light also indicates when the machine is brewing your coffee. Sophisticated 3D lines connect the upper and low halves of the machine through an unbroken jet black polished band that creates attractive contrast color with the satin matte body construction. The perpendicular surfaces and sharp rear corner sit impeccably within the kitchen environment, disguising the internal piping structure which transports the boiled water from the base. This coffee machine boasts a 1.5L removable water reservoir, a steamer and settings to adjust the strength of your coffee (single or double). [Source]


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