C-1 Gyroscopically Electric Motorcycle will be sold by 2014

stylish and cool   C-1 Gyroscopically Electric Motorcycle designed by  Lit Motors, Inc .  C-1  combines the safety and convenience of a car ...

stylish and cool C-1 Gyroscopically Electric Motorcycle designed by Lit Motors, IncC-1 combines the safety and convenience of a car with the freedom and efficiency of a motorcycle. Riding this bike is a good strategy in heavy traffic road. C-1 looks like a value added design to a sexy motorcycle.Lit Motors says that they are working really hard to send this concept into production soon and by 2014, you can see this at the show room.
C-1 motorcycle has been designed with unique and simple exterior that cover its driver in subtle curves In order to keep the driver safe. The overall design foundation is based on its waist-line which wraps around the vehicle’s circumference, and is grounded by the swooping rocker panel: hi-lighting its unique gyroscopic components.

C-1 Gyroscopically Electric Motorcycle design is based on these three keywords: “subtle”, “simple” and “human”. Design, functionality and the comfort is always given importance. C-1 utilizes electronically controlled gyroscopes which are located at the bottom (putting out over 1,300 lb/ft of torque). In this way, this electric motorcycle can stay balance at a stop or stay upright in the even of a collision. This vehicle can reach top speed of over 120 MPH with battery packs that need to be recharged after 200 miles.

C-1 motorcycle can also be said as rolling smart phone. It utilizes H2V, H2C, V2I and V2V connectivity. It transmits all information such as traffic, weather conditions, or construction to inform you about situation ahead of you and advising different routes to take. C-1 Gyroscopically Electric Motorcycle is the perfect vehicle for all city dwellers.


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